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Room: Atalaya, The Sheraton Buenos Aires

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Monday, Nov 5


Session Time Paper Title Authors
  8:00 Registration desk open on the 24th floor (in front of the Atalaya Room)
  8:45 Welcome and Opening

Medical Robotics

(Yoshi Nakamura)

9:00 Following Surgical Trajectories with Concentric Tube Robots via Nearest-Neighbor Graphs Sherdil Niyaz, Alan Kuntz, Oren Salzman, Ron Alterovitz and Siddhartha Srinivasa
9:15 An Experimental Validation of Behavior-based Motions for Robotic Coronary Guidewire Crossing Techniques Young-Ho Kim, Ankur Kapoor, Rodolfo Finocchi and Erin Girard
9:30 Design and Analysis of a Bidirectional Notch Joint for a Robotic Pediatric Neuroendoscope Yash Chitalia, Xuefeng Wang, Vinh Nguyen, Shreyes Melkote, Joshua Chern and Jaydev Desai
9:45 In-Bore Experimental Validation of Active Compensation and Membrane Puncture Detection for Targeted MRI-Guided Robotic Prostate Biopsy Marek Wartenberg, Katie Gandomi, Paulo Carvalho, Joseph Schornak, Nirav Patel, Iulian Iordachita, Clare Tempany, Nobuhiko Hata, Junichi Tokuda and Gregory Fischer
10:00 Understanding and Transfer of Human Skills in Robotics Using Deep Learning and Musculoskeletal Modeling Dipti Chaudhari, Kunj Bhagat and Emel Demircan
10:15 Discussion M1 
  10:30 Coffee Break with Videos/Demos 


(Nick Roy)

11:00 A Collaborative Aerial-ground Robotic System for Fast Exploration Luqi Wang, Daqian Cheng, Fei Gao, Fengyu Cai, Jixin Guo, Mengxiang Lin and Shaojie Shen
11:15 Rover Localization in Mars Helicopter Aerial Maps: Experimental Results in Mars-analogue Environments Kamak Ebadi and Ali-Akbar Agha-Mohammadi
11:30 Towards Efficient Full Body Omnidirectionality with Overactuated MAVs Karen Bodie, Zachary Taylor, Mina Kamel and Roland Siegwart
11:45 Vision Based Robust Autonomous Landing of a Quadrotor on a Moving Target Alvika Gautam, Sujit P.B and Srikanth Saripalli
12:00 UAV-based Automated Labeling of Training Data for Online Water and Land Differentiation Curtis Klein, Trevor Speckman, Thomas Medeiros, Derek Eells and Elizabeth Basha
12:15 Discussion M2 
  12:30 Doctoral Consortium Lunch 


(Shreyansh Daftry)

14:00 Autonomous drone cinematographer: Using artistic principles to create smooth, safe, occlusion-free trajectories for aerial filming Rogerio Bonatti, Yanfu Zhang, Sanjiban Choudhury, Wenshan Wang and Sebastian Scherer
14:15 The Blackbird Dataset: A large-scale dataset for UAV perception in aggressive flight Amado Antonini, Winter Guerra, Varun Murali, Thomas Sayre-Mccord and Sertac Karaman
14:30 Search and Rescue under the Forest Canopy using Multiple UAS Yulun Tian, Katherine Liu, Kyel Ok, Loc Tran, Danette Allen, Nicholas Roy and Jonathan How
14:45 Predicting Digging Success for Unmanned Aircraft System Sensor Emplacement Adam Plowcha, Yue Sun, Carrick Detweiler and Justin Bradley
15:00 Precision UAV Landing in Unstructured Environments Kevin Pluckter and Sebastian Scherer
15:15 Discussion M3 
  15:30 Coffee Break with Videos/Demos 


(Greg Dudek)

16:15 Nuclear Environments Inspection with Micro Aerial Vehicles: Algorithms and Experiments Dinesh Thakur, Giuseppe Loianno, Wenxin Liu and Vijay Kumar
16:30 View Planning and Navigation Algorithms for Autonomous Bridge Inspection with UAVs Prajwal Shanthakumar, Kevin Yu, Mandeep Singh, Jonah Orevillo, Eric Bianchi, Matthew Hebdon and Pratap Tokekar
16:45 Policy Search on Aggregated State Space for Active Sampling Sandeep Manjanna, Herke van Hoof and Gregory Dudek
17:00 4-DOF Magnetic Field Based Localization for UAV Navigation Harald Gietler, Böhm Christoph, Tobias Mitterer, Lisa-Marie Faller, Stephan Weiss and Hubert Zangl
17:15 Robust Vision-based Autonomous Navigation, Mapping and Landing for MAVs at Night Shreyansh Daftry, Manash Das, Jeff Delaune, Cristina Sorice, Robert Hewitt, Shreetej Reddy, Daniel Lytle, Elvin Gu and Larry Matthies
17:30 Discussion M4 
  17:45 End of Sessions 
Cocktail and Tango Lesson 
Symposium Banquet (Restaurant: Milion
Informal Session (Sheraton Buenos Aires Hotel) 


Day 2: Tuesday, Nov 6

Session Time Paper Title Authors


 Yoshihiko Nakamura

Learning I

(Kostas Bekris)

9:15 Learning Accurate Objectness Instance Segmentation From Photo-Realistic Rendering For Robotic Manipulation Siyi Li, Jiaji Zhou, Zhenzhong Jia, Dit-Yan Yeung and Matthew T. Mason
9:30 Adapting control policies from simulation to reality using a pairwise loss Ulrich Viereck, Xingchao Peng, Kate Saenko and Robert Platt
9:45 Scaling simulation-to-real transfer by learning composable robot skills Ryan Julian, Eric Heiden, Zhanpeng He, Hejia Zhang, Stefan Schaal, Joseph Lim, Gaurav Sukhatme and Karol Hausman
10:00 Sim-to-real Transferable Object Classification through Touch-based Continuum Manipulation Huitan Mao, Junius Santoso, Cagdas Onal and Jing Xiao
10:15 Discussion T1 
  10:30 Coffee Break with Videos/Demos 


(Thierry Peynot)

11:00 Characterization and Traversal of Pliable Vegetation for Robot Navigation Camilo Ordonez, Ryan Alicea, Brandon Rothrock, Kyle Ladyko, Jeremy Nash, Rohan Thakker, Shreyansh Daftry, Mario Harper, Emmanuel Collins and Larry Matthies
11:15 Safe terrain probing method for multi-legged robots operating on brittle surfaces Eranda Tennakoon, Navinda Kottege, Thierry Peynot and Jonathan Roberts
11:30 On-line coordination tasks for multi-robot systems using adaptive informative sampling Carlos Nieto, John G. Rogers Iii, Nicholas Fung, Stephanie Kenma, Henrik Christensen and Gaurav Sukhatme
11:45 External Force Field Modeling for Autonomous Surface Vehicles Jason Moulton, Alberto Quattrini Li and Ioannis Rekleitis
12:00 Context-Aware Intention and Trajectory Prediction for Urban Driving Environment Malika Meghjani, You Hong Eng, Shashwat Verma, Daniela Rus, Marcelo H. Ang Jr. and Qi Heng Ho
12:15 Discussion T2 
  12:30 Lunch 

Learning II

(Robert Platt)

14:00 Interactive Learning with Corrective Feedback for Policies based on Deep Neural Networks Rodrigo Pérez Dattari, Carlos Celemin, Javier Ruiz Del Solar and Jens Kober
14:15 Force-Torque Sensor Disturbance Observer using Deep Learning Kamal Mohy El Dine, José Sánchez, Juan-Antonio Corrales-Ramon, Youcef Mezouar and Jean-Christophe Fauroux
14:30 Learning to Grasp Without Seeing Adithyavairavan Murali, Yin Li, Dhiraj Gandhi and Abhinav Gupta
14:45 Semi-parametric Approaches to Learning in Model-Based Hierarchical Control of Complex Systems Munzir Zafar, Areeb Mehmood, Muhammad Murtaza, Shimin Zhang, Evangelos Theodorou, Seth Hutchinson and Byron Boots
15:00 Learning to Use a Ratchet by Modeling Spatial Relations in Demonstrations Li Yang Ku, Scott Jordan, Julia Badger, Erik Learned-Miller and Rod Grupen
15:15 Any-axis Tensegrity Rolling via Symmetry-Reduced Reinforcement Learning David Surovik, Jonathan Bruce, Kun Wang, Massimo Vespignani and Kostas Bekris
15:30 Discussion T3 
  15:45 Coffee Break with Videos/Demos 

Contacts and Manipulation

(Jaeheung Park)

16:15 Experimental Studies of Contact Space Model for Multi-Surface Collisions in Articulated Rigid-Body Systems Shameek Ganguly and Oussama Khatib
16:30 Path Planning for Within-Hand Manipulation Over Learned Representations of Safe States Berk Calli, Andrew Kimmel, Kaiyu Hang, Kostas Bekris and Aaron Dollar
16:45 Real-Time Human-Robot Communication for Manipulation Tasks in Partially Observed Environments Jacob Arkin, Rohan Paul, Subhro Roy, Daehyung Park, Nicholas Roy and Thomas Howard
17:00 Motion Planning for Manipulators in Unknown Environments with Contact Sensing Uncertainty Brad Saund and Dmitry Berenson
17:15 Contact-Consistent Disturbance Observer for Floating-Base Robots Hosang Lee, Yisoo Lee and Jaeheung Park
17:30 Actuator Transparency and the Energetic Cost of Proprioception Gavin Kenneally, Wei-Hsi Chen and Daniel Koditschek
17:45 Discussion T4 
  18:00 End of Sessions 
Dinner and Tango show (Senor Tango


Day 3: Wednesday, Nov 7

Session Time Paper Title Authors


(Jonathan Kelly)

8:45 Hybrid Model Predictive Control for Crosswind Stabilization of Hybrid Airships Julian F. M. Förster, Mohamed K. Helwa, Xintong Du and Angela P. Schoellig
9:00 In-air Exchange of Small Payloads between Multirotor Aerial Systems Ajay Shankar, Sebastian Elbaum and Carrick Detweiler
9:15 Fast and Agile Vision-Based Flight with Teleoperation and Collision Avoidance on a Multirotor Alexander Spitzer, Xuning Yang, John Yao, Aditya Dhawale, Kshitij Goel, Mosam Dabhi, Matt Collins, Curtis Boirum and Nathan Michael
9:30 Path Planning Based on Differential Kinematics for Passing through Small Opening by Transformable Multilinked Aerial Robot Moju Zhao, Tomoki Anzai, Fan Shi, Kei Okada and Masayuki Inaba
9:45 Mathematical Models for Physical Interactions of Robots with their Environment Adam Stager and Herbert Tanner
10:00 Discussion W1 
  10:15 Coffee Break with Videos/Demos 

Human Robot Interaction

(Berk Calli)

10:45 On Infusing Reachability-Based Safety Assurance within Probabilistic Planning Frameworks for Human-Robot Vehicle Interactions Karen Leung, Edward Schmerling, Mo Chen and Marco Pavone
11:00 Experimental validation of an energy constraint for a safer collaboration with robots Lucas Joseph, Vincent Padois and Guillaume Morel
11:15 Production of Legible Robot Reaching Motion for Human-Robot Interaction Sara Sheikholeslami, Gilwoo Lee, Siddhartha Srinivasa and Elizabeth Croft
11:30 Generating Expressive Light Signals for Appearance-Constrained Robots Elizabeth Cha, Naomi T Fitter, Yunkyung Kim, Terrence Fong and Maja Matarić
11:45 Attentiveness of Children with Diverse Needs to a Socially Assistive Robot in the Home Caitlyn Clabaugh, Shomik Jain, Balasubramanian Thiagarajan, Zhonghao Shi, Leena Mathur, Gisele Ragusa and Maja Matarić
12:00 Experimental Validation of Resolved Viscoelasticity Control on Hydrostatically Driven Humanoid Hydra Ko Yamamoto, Tianyi Ko, Kazuya Murotani and Yoshihiko Nakamura
12:15 Discussion W2 
Rodizio Lunch and La Boca Excursion 

Design and Prototype

(Torsten Kroeger)

16:30 Towards Autonomous Printable Robotics: Design and Prototyping of the Mechanical Logic Wenzhong Yan, Angela Gao, Yunchen Yu and Ankur Mehta
16:45 Model Refinement for Terrain Responsive Planning on a Dynamic Running Quadruped Mario Harper, Justin Larson, Camilo Ordonez, Gordon Erlebacher, Emmanuel Collins, Jonathan Clark and David Balbuena
17:00 RADLER - A RADial LasER scanning device Dorit Borrmann, Sven Jörissen and Andreas Nüchter
17:15 Design of Damping Matrices for Cartesian Impedance Control of Robotic Manipulators Carlos Saldarriaga, Nilanjan Chakraborty and Imin Kao
17:30 6DoF Pose Estimation for Industrial Manipulation based on Synthetic Data Manuel Brucker, Maximilian Durner, Zoltán-Csaba Márton, Ferenc Bálint-Benczédi, Martin Sundermeyer and Rudolph Triebel
17:45 Discussion W3 
  18:00 End of Sessions 
    Dinner on your own 


Day 4: Thursday, Nov 8

Session Time Paper Title Authors

Mapping and Pose Estimation

(Seth Hutchinson)

9:00 Navigation in the Service of Enhanced Pose Estimation Travis Manderson, Ran Cheng, Dave Meger and Gregory Dudek
9:15 A Unified 3D Mapping Framework using a 3D or 2D LiDAR Weikun Zhen and Sebastian Scherer
9:30 Efficient Alignment of Visual-Inertial Maps Kourosh Sartipi and Stergios Roumeliotis
9:45 Heterogeneous Sensor Fusion via Confidence-rich 3D Grid Mapping: Application to Physical Robots Eric Heiden, Daniel Pastor, Pradyumna Vyshnav and Aliakbar Aghamohammadi
10:00 FastCal: Robust Online Self-Calibration for Robotic Systems Fernando Nobre and Christoffer Heckman
10:15 Discussion Th1
  10:30 Coffee Break with Videos/Demos (last minute break session)

Estimation and Calibration

(Ioannis Pekleitis)

11:00 Consistent Multi-Robot Object Matching via QuickMatch Zachary Serlin, Brandon Sookraj, Calin Belta and Roberto Tron
11:15 Real-time unlabeled marker pose estimation via constrained extended Kalman filter Vladimir Joukov, Jonathan Lin, Kevin Westermann and Dana Kulić
11:30 PoseFusion: RGB-D SLAM in Dynamic Human Environments Tianwei Zhang and Yoshihiko Nakamura
11:45 Unified Spatiotemporal Calibration of Monocular Cameras and Planar Lidars Jordan Marr and Jonathan Kelly
12:00 Simultaneous Calibration and Mapping Christian Nissler, Maximilian Durner, Zoltan-Csaba Marton and Rudolph Triebel
12:15 Discussion Th2
  12:30 Farewell Luncheon (buffet)
Industrial Forum (website) 14:00 Opening 
14:05 Welcome Speech Sebastián Guerriere, Subsecretario de Políticas en Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación Productiva. Ministerio de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación Productiva de la Nación
14:20   Andrés Rodriguez, Founder of Altos Estudios, Argentina
14:35   Dra. Sol Pedre, Director of the robotic group at CNEA (Argentinian Nuclear Energy Commission) Group that has been working on the development of robots for the nuclear industry, Argentina
14:50   Mateo Salvatto, Young Robotics Champion and Creator of ¡Háblalo!
15:05 Panel Discussion: Developments and Future Impact of Robotics and AI in Argentina and Worldwide
15:30 Coffee Break (with Videos/Demos) 
15:50   Oscar Navarro, Managing Director, KUKA Latin America
16:05   Alejandro Repetto and Enrique Cortes FunesINIPOP, Argentina
16:20   Torsten KroegerKarlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
16:35 Panel Discussion: Future Applications and Products that Originate from Robotics and AI Research
17:00 Closing remarks and end