November 4 (Sunday)

Outreach Workshop at the University of Buenos Aires

November 5 (Monday)

Morning Session M1
Discussion M1
Coffee Break
Morning Session M2
Discussion M2


Afternoon Session M3
Discussion M3
Coffee Break
Afternoon Session M4
Discussion M4

Symposium Banquet (Restaurant: Milion

Informal Evening Session

November 6 (Tuesday)

Morning Session T1
Discussion T1
Coffee Break
Morning Session T2
Discussion T2


Afternoon Session T3
Afternoon Discussion T3
Coffee Break
Afternoon Session T4
Discussion T4

Dinner and Tango Show (Senor Tango)

November 7 (Wednesday)

Morning Session W1
Discussion W1
Coffee Break
Morning Session W2
Discussion W2

Argentinian Lunch and Excursion to La Boca

Afternoon Session W3
Discussion W3

November 8 (Thursday)

Morning Session Th1
Discussion Th1
Coffee Break
Morning Session Th2
Discussion Th2

Farewell Lunch

Industrial Forum (afternoon)